About Us

HEALTH SWAYAM is a company driven by its vision and enduring strength. Our business landscape includes analytical, clinical services to healthcare industry.

HEALTH SWAYAM broad spectrum of services offers around 1200+ clinical Assays. Various test combinations, specific to a disease or disorder and wellness profiles used for health and fitness screening.

HEALTH SWAYAM offers leading edge testing services in the areas of diagnostic testing in collaboration with Clinicians, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Labs, Corporate Wellness Programs and Insurance companies to the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

HEALTH SWAYAM is driven with a goal to improve patient care, with highly skilled and committed people to provide efficient, reliable and accurate diagnostic testing services to meet the needs of the customers.

HEALTH SWAYAM has invested in a variety of specialized tests and also adopted several advanced tests and technologies introduced in the global market.


To be seen& recognized as an Indian organization with a global perspective that has created an integrated, quality driven, customer sensitive clinical testing laboratory.

Core Values

  • Integrity of service through honesty, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to Quality and Customer service
  • Respect for all our team members, partners, customers, suppliers and all other people our business interacts.
  • Our vision, core values, partnership and quality philosophies, and quality policy are the core on which our quality management system (QMS) is built.